How to Get Clear Skin in 1 Week Using Store Bought Materials?

Bernard Haydn  2019-09-12 16:59:09

Most people experience a time when they wish their skin would look better, especially before a school dance or a wedding. Whether it's a sudden breakout or a longer-lasting issue, acne is the last thing you want to be worrying about. While maintaining clear skin ultimately requires consistent, systematic care and attention, there are fortunately plenty of things you can do, and also, skincare market provides a great number of choices.

  1. 1Make your desired purchases. If you're looking for the most effective way to get clearer skin in a pinch, it's best to look first at store-bought options. Although you may feel desperate enough to lunge for the most expensive option, they aren't often significantly better than an inexpensive, over-the-counter alternative. For your weekly goal, you're going to want: A decent cleanser, A chemical-based exfoliant, An astringent or alcohol-free toner (depending on your skin.).
    • 2Apply a cleanser. A good cleanser will effectively get rid of bacteria that has made its way into your skin. Although an impending deadline may have you heading to the dermatologist for a high-end cleanser, you may find a supermarket cleanser works just as well. Squirt a bit of the cleanser onto your hands and rub your face with it for around a minute. Using small, circular movements to get it around will ensure the cleanser is spread evenly. Rinse your face with warm water after the cleanser's been distributed. If you don't have a cleanser at hand, an anti-bacterial soap may suffice as an alternative.
      • 3Exfoliate your skin. While a cleanser intends to wash out trapped bacteria, the purpose of an exfoliator is to scrub away dead skin particles, leaving your face much smoother than before. This step should come after you have used a cleanser; that way, the cells you want to scrub away will be vulnerable. There are a few ways you can go about this: First, getting a physical exfoliator like a scrub or loofah can be an effective trick you can work into your daily shower. Massage your face with it once your facial pores have been opened. This is actually quite a satisfying technique, as your face will feel noticeably smoother afterwards. Second, chemical exfoliators contain alpha and beta hydroxy acids, and are generally preferred by dermatologists due to the fact that they're designed to affect the skin on a deeper level than a loofah. Rubbing your face gently in a small, circular motion for a few minutes should be enough to let the exfoliator do its work. Although they are referred to as chemically-based, chemical exfoliators are most often made with natural ingredients like sugar. However, though you may find chemical exfoliators to be a quicker fix than their mechanical and DIY counterparts, they run the risk of agitating sensitive skin and tend to be the most expensive route of the three listed. Nonetheless; a chemical exfoliator should result into at least a slightly pronounced radiance after one use, and if you're looking for a quick fix to have better skin fast, this option may do just the trick.
        • 4Use a skin toner. Toners are used to further cleanse the skin and minimize the visibility to pores. A good toner will help to restore your skin's natural pH balance and should be used following your cleanser and exfoliator. Toner may be applied lightly with a cotton swab. Again, like the prior steps, there are several ways you can go about getting a skin toner: First, if you have oily skin, using an astringent toner will help to remove the excess oil, keeping your skin in clean order. Astringents often have alcohol and salicylic acid among their ingredients and may be found at a supermarket or drug store. Second, on the contrary, alcohol-free toners are available to those with dry skin; use of astringents runs the risk of drying out your skin if you're already lacking for proper oils. If you're unsure which toner is right for you, it may be helpful to check in with a dermatologist to get a second opinion.
          • 5Repeat your cleansing ritual twice daily for a week. If you're looking to get visibly clearer skin in a week, carry out the cleansing ritual twice every day; once in the morning, and a second time at night before bed. Not only will this virtually double the amount of cleansing in the given week, but this will also keep any progress from being lost during sleep. Keep your face clean and moisturized throughout the day. This includes keeping your hands away from your face. Touching your face will transfer oil and bacteria, potentially resulting in new pimples and blemishes. If it's hot outside, be sure to wear a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15.