How to Attract Wealth?

Marguerite Roger  2019-09-12 18:24:53

Wealth and abundance are important elements in living a life that is financially stable and free of stress. Having a job and earning money is one way to have wealth, yet there is another level of abundant living that involves attracting the idea of wealth and prosperity. Having a mindset that brings abundance into one's life is the key to knowing how to attract wealth. Follow these steps to learn how to attract wealth and begin living a financially secure life.

  1. 1Change your mindset from one of want and need to one of openness and possibility. In her book, "The Prosperity Plan," author and financial expert, Laura B. Fortgang, stresses that wealth and prosperity are a state of mind that can be attained by training the subconscious to welcome wealth with positive thinking rather than driving it away with negative messages.
    • 2Take action in creating new possibilities for wealth by writing down the specific kind of wealth you want in your life. Commit yourself fully to this personal "Wealth Attraction Plan." Realize that wealth comes in many forms. Wealth may be financial, yet it can also be romantic. You may desire a wealth of new friendships or in new professional possibilities. Write down the kind of wealth you want. Be specific.
      • 3Be aware of opportunities that exist around you for attracting abundance. Be open to ideas and suggestions for new kinds of work and wealth-creating ideas that are offered to you. Fortgang stresses that it is imperative to realize that opportunities exist all around us, yet if we don't allow ourselves to see them, we cannot take advantage of them. Saying "yes" to new opportunities is a way to become more "attractive" to wealth of all kinds.
        • 4Have gratitude. Make a list each morning of at least 3 things you have to be grateful for. The list will grow as you begin to acknowledge all you already have. Be grateful for what you have now as you work to realize how to attract wealth into your life. Many people feel that they have no wealth in their lives because they do not acknowledge what they do already have. Having an "attitude of gratitude" is a critical component in knowing how to attract wealth.
          • 5ď‚·Write down a goal of how much money you want to make in 3 months and then in 6 months. Be specific. Fortgang stresses that as we write out these specific goals, we must work gratitude into the statement. For example, write out "Thank you for the $100,000 I am going to make by the end of the year." If, as time goes on, you are not making as much as you set out in your goal, be grateful anyway and keep on making positive goals for yourself.
            • 6Commit to your "Wealth Attraction Plan" and make weekly, monthly, and yearly financial goals. Begin each day with a meditation on gratitude and with the knowledge that wealth of all kinds will be entering your life immediately.