How to Get Stains out of White Clothes?

Marguerite Roger  2019-09-12 18:39:29

There’s nothing worse than getting a big stain on your pristine white shirt. Stains always seem much worse when you get them on white clothes. There’s no covering them up or escaping them, but there are ways you can try to remove the stains.

  1. 1Know what caused the stain. The first thing to do when you are deciding how to deal with a stain is to work out what caused it. The principal thing to determine is whether it is an oily, or a non-oily stain. It’s important to figure this out because it influences what you’re first step will be. The majority of chemical stain removers are designed to work on all kinds of stains. Finding out if it is an oily or non-oily stain is mainly to direct your immediate response.
    • 2If it is an oily stain, avoid using water. If the stain is oily, avoid the obvious temptation to rinse it under cold water straight away. Oil repels water, so any water than comes into contact with the stain could contribute to it setting more strongly.[1]Instead, dab it with a dry paper towel. Oily stains have a variety of sources, but most commonly include: Grease stains, MascaraLipstick, Foods which are rich in oil or butter.
      • 3If it not an oily stain, rinse with cold water. If the stains come from a non-oily source, then usually the first thing to do is dab off any excess and the rinse it in cold water. If you hold the garment under the tap so that the water is hitting the back of stain, it can help to flush out the stain from behind. Holding the stained side facing the flow of water could press the stain further into the fabric. Typical non-oily stains on white clothes can include: Sweat stains, Non-oil based makeup,Foods that aren’t oily, Blood, Dirt.
        • 4Apply stain remover to the stain. You can buy stain removal sprays, liquids and powders from your local store. There will most likely be quite a variety of products available, so look for that is designed to work on white clothes if possible. The next step is simply to apply the stain removal powder or liquid to the stain according to the instructions on the packaging.
          • 5Place it in your washing machine. Once you have applied the stain remover, you simply put it into your washing machine and wash it as normal. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before you do this to check if the product you have recommends a particular temperature.