How to Sort and Separate Whites Before Washing White Clothes Using Bleach?

Marguerite Roger  2019-09-13 00:22:12

White clothes are more prone to becoming stained, discolored, and yellowed than other clothing. As a result, it can be relatively challenging to keep these clothes white! And if you wash your white belongings with other color fabrics, you’ll be mad when youyou’re your white ones dyed by various colors! So how to sort your white clothes out from a handful of textiles should attract your attention.

  1. 1Separate out your white clothes from clothes with any colors on them. Whites should always be washed separately from other clothes to prevent colors transferring to and staining them. Make sure to separate out any whites with colors on them as well, to keep them from bleeding onto all-white clothes. For example, separate a white shirt with bright red stripes on it from any all-white shirts you may have.
    • 2Sort your whites by fabric type to wash them in different temperatures. Put all of your sturdy fabrics, towels, jeans, cottons, and clothes containing manmade fibers into one pile. Then, put all your delicate fabrics, including silk, lingerie, Spandex, and activewear, into a different pile. You'll wash your sturdy fabrics in warm water and your delicate fabrics in cold water.
      • 3Divide your sorted whites into additional piles based on filth level. Place heavily soiled clothes into one pile, moderately dirty clothes into a second pile, and relatively clean clothes into a third pile. This prevents dirt, food, and other debris on soiled white clothes from staining other white clothing. For example, if a white shirt is caked with mud after spending an afternoon gardening, separate that particular shirt from cleaner, brighter-looking whites.
        • 4Wash each pile of clothes separately, one at a time in the machine. Run the washing machine on the appropriate settings for each pile. Then, dry your clothes in the dryer as you normally would.