How to Choose Canadain National Parks to Travel

Agnes Robin  2019-08-29 16:42:58

There are 47 national parks in Canada, ranging from the stunning Rocky Mountain views of Banff to the rocky beaches of the Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve in Quebec. Visiting Canadian national parks can be a fun family experience or a challenging adventure for seasoned travellers. But would you choose park? If no, the following steps are for you reference.

  1. 1Focus on a specific province or area of Canada. Start be deciding where in Canada you’d like to explore, such as a specific province or area. There are 13 provinces in Canada and each province has several national parks. Choosing a national park based on area may help you determine if you’d like to visit the west side of Canada, for example, or the east side of Canada. Or you may look for a park close to the Rocky mountains so you can see the Rockies and enjoy some time in the park.
    • 2Identify one or more parks to visit. Pick at least one park you want to visit or perhaps two or more if you have more time on your trip. There is often a lot to see and explore in one national park so you may only have the time to explore one. If you are doing a roadtrip, for example, you may have time to fit in visits to more than one national park.
      • 3Pick your travel dates based on the weather. Think about what type of weather you would prefer for your visit. If you’re going to the national park to hike or bike, for example, you may opt for a warmer time of the year, such as the spring or summer months. If you’d like to do winter sports in the national park, the winter months may be more ideal.
        • 4Determine what you'd like to do at the park. To help you narrow down which Canadian national park you would like to go to, think about your priorities as a traveler. Ask yourself, What would I like to do on my trip? What would I like to get out of my visit? Perhaps you want to do a lot of winter sports on your visit. You may then opt for a national park with a renowned ski hill or a lake that you can skate on. Or maybe you'd prefer to do backcountry hiking. You may then look for a national park that offers great views and good trails for hiking in the backcountry.