How to Have an Enjoyable Park visit Canadian National

Lawrence Wilcox  2019-08-29 17:40:12

There are 47 national parks in Canada, ranging from the stunning Rocky Mountain views of Banff to the rocky beaches of the Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve in Quebec. Visiting Canadian national parks can be a fun family experience or a challenging adventure for seasoned travellers. But do you really know how to enjoy a pleasant trip in Canadian national parks? If no, the following methods are for you reference.

  1. 1Buy a park pass. To get the full experience at a national park in Canada, make sure you buy a park pass. You can buy a park pass for several parks in Canada or all parks in Canada in advance online. You can also purchase a park pass at the gates to the national park if you are driving to the park. Having a park pass will ensure you have paid the entry fee and will give you access to the entire park. There are day passes as well as passes for longer stays available.
    • 2Sign up for a park tour. If you’d like to get a more informative experience at the national park, you may sign up for a park tour. There are often tours offered at attractions in the national park on an hourly or daily basis. You can also sign up for a tour package where you do an activity with a guide, such as hiking, kayaking, or snowshoeing. Having a guide may be a good option if you are travelling as a family and want to ensure you are all safe while doing an activity together.
      • 3Go for a hike in the park. Perhaps the easiest and cheapest option in a national park is going for a hike on a trail. You may choose a popular hiking trail in the national park or try a more challenging trail. Look for a family friend hiking trail if you are travelling as a family and make sure you are prepared for the hike. Packing the appropriate gear for the hike will ensure you are all safe on the trail.
        • 4Try kayaking or canoeing in the park. Many national parks contain one or more lakes with stunning views and waters ideal for canoeing. You can rent canoes on site or bring your own canoe to use on the lake. Make sure you wear a life jacket when you are in the canoe.
          • 5Do winter sports in the park. Winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing are all fun activities you can try in the national park. If you intend to do winter sports, visit Canadian national parks in winter and go to parks that tend to get a lot of snow. You may be able to rent winter sports gear in the park or bring your own gear.
            • 6Camp in the national park. Camping in the national park can be a fun way to have an extended visit to the area and really soak in the natural setting. You will need to bring your own camping gear to camp in the national park and ensure you have a valid park pass for the duration of your stay.