How to Determine Your Travel Plan for Visiting Canadian National Parks

Nicole Huntington  2019-08-29 17:23:05

There are 47 national parks in Canada, ranging from the stunning Rocky Mountain views of Banff to the rocky beaches of the Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve in Quebec. Visiting Canadian national parks can be a fun family experience or a challenging adventure for seasoned travellers. Choose transportation and travel plans that make your trip more enjoyable.This will make your trip more enjoyable.But would you determine Travel Plan? If you don't have a clue, follow these steps.

  1. 1Drive to the national park. Perhaps the easiest way to explore a Canadian national park is to drive to it. Having a car in the park can be a good way to get to a hiking trail or a ski hill. Many Canadian national parks will have paved roads running through the entire park as well as parking lots by many major attractions or trails. Driving to the national park will also give you the chance to plan a fun road trip, with stops in cities or towns along the way. You may choose an existing route for your road trip or create your own route.
    • 2Bus to the park. Another option if you don’t want to rent a car or do not have access to a car is to take a bus to the national park. Many national parks in Canada can be accessed by a bus from a city or town near the park. You can also take a bus to the national park from the airport, depending on where you are flying into in Canada.
      • 3Take the train to the park. If you want a more scenic view from your window, taking the train to the national park may be for you. Many Canadian national parks are accessible by train through VIA Rail Canada. Search online for more information on trains you can take to certain national parks, depending on where you are starting from in Canada.
        • 4Determine your travel companions. Think about who you are going to be travelling with on your visit to the Canadian national park. Perhaps you are traveling with good friends or a partner. Maybe you are bringing the whole family with you. Or maybe you are doing a solo trip.
          • 5Make a budget and a timeline. Once you have determined the park or parks you are visiting as well as your mode of transportation, make a budget for the trip. Calculate how much transportation and accommodations, if any, are going to cost. Then consider daily expenses like food and activities. You may budget a certain amount of money a day so you do not go over your budget.