How to Get Ink out of White Clothes?

Marguerite Roger  2019-09-12 18:29:29

Imagine that you are wearing a new white shirt, but you leak your pen on it unintentionally. How can you save your new clothes? To get ink out of white clothing, you'll need to act quickly and pre-treat ink blotches with hydrogen peroxide.

  1. 1Identify the areas covered in ink. Ink really can get everywhere, and it is best to get it out as quickly as possible. That means you must identify all of the ink-covered areas as soon as you can.
    • 2Mix one part dishwashing detergent with two parts of hydrogen peroxide. Both of these agents are effective stain and pigment removers on their own. Combinations of the two are considered to be among the strongest of household cleaners. Though it is uncommon, hydrogen peroxide can damage certain types of fabrics. While peroxide is one of the most powerful cleaners you could use, you may not want to use it on the most delicate or valuable of clothes.
      • 3Apply the mixture to the ink-covered areas and let it sit. Make sure all of the ink-covered areas are covered in this mixture. Allow the substance to soak in and begin to work on its own over a period of 5 to 10 minutes.
        • 4Work the cleaning mixture in with your fingers or an old toothbrush. Make sure that the substance gets all of the way into the material. You should already begin to notice less ink in the fabric of the shirt.
          • 5Wash the shirt. There is a difference of opinion about the best water temperature to remove ink. Some argue that hot water is most effective. A bare majority says that hot water only sets the ink and results in a stain. Just to play it safe, cold water may be the best washing option.